Terms Of Service

Dear client, you are welcome to register and become a client of Zevercloud. Before registration, please carefully read this registration agreement. No matter you have actually read this Agreement or not, as long as you select "Agree with the above and register" and click "Agree" button, it shall be deemed that you have agreed and signed this service agreement.

1. General Rules

1.1 Zevercloud is such PV(photovoltaic) remote monitoring system as supplied by SMA New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called as "SMA China").

1.2 All ownership right, explanation right and operation right of all Zevercloud services shall be possessed and covered by SMA China.

1.3 This Agreement will be updated from time to time by SMA China. The clients shall immediately read and agree. SMA China shall not cover the notification obligation. Such notices, announcements, statements or similar contents in SMA China's website shall be deemed as integral part of this Agreement. If a client disagrees SMA China's amendments to relevant articles of this Agreement, the client shall have the right to suspend using Zevercloud. If a client continues using Zevercloud, it shall be deemed that the client has accepted SMA China's amendments to relevant articles of this Agreement.

2. Attentions

2.1 After the completion of registration, you should keep confidential all account numbers and passwords, and you should disclose the same to any unauthorized third party. Any loss or damage as arising from the failure of a client to properly keep its account number or passwords shall not be covered or borne by SMA China.

2.2 If you are a power-station manager, we will send verification E-mail to you when you share the power station. After being active, the other party will possess and enjoy such operation power limit that you authorizes. It should be careful and cautious when you share the power station and authorize management power limit, so as to avoid loss or damage due to improper authorization.

2.3 If necessary, SMA China shall have the right to check relevant information of a client or its power station. With the client's consent, SMA China may alter and change relevant configuration or information of the power station.

3. Use Rules

3.1 A client shall strictly comply with the management and use rules of Zevercloud.

3.2 A client shall comply with relevant laws and regulations, shall not upload any illegal information, and shall not infringe any patent right, copyright, trademark right, reputation right or legitimate interest of any third party. In case of violation, the client shall independently cover and bear all liabilities.

3.3 A client shall carefully keep its Zevercloud account numbers and passwords. It shall independently cover and bear all losses as arising from improper management and use of its account numbers and passwords, including all loss as arising from improper use of the client, its authorized third party or its unauthorized third party. If the client finds that its account is used by an unauthorized third party or its account information is disclosed, it shall immediately modify the passwords and notify us.

3.4 A client shall authentically provide Zevercloud with relevant information, including E-mail address, PMU series numbers, etc. The client shall independently cover and bear all liabilities as arising from incorrect or inaccurate information.

4. Privacy Protection

4.1 SMA China will not publicize, or provide any third party with individual client's registration information and the client's non-publicity contents in Zevercloud when it uses Zevercloud, except any of the following circumstances:

4.2 SMA China will possibly cooperate with third party in providing a client with relevant network service. In such event, if such third party agrees to equally cover and bear client privacy protection responsibility, then SMA China shall have the right to provide such third party with client's registration information.

4.3 Under the precondition that individual client's private information is not disclosed, SMA China shall have the right to analyze entire client database and commercially use such database.

5. Disclaimer

5.1 SMA China shall make all efforts to ensure accuracy and completeness of the information in Solar Cloud.In case of such information or data errors as arising from a client's violation of the use rules, SMA China shall cover no liability.

5.2 If network service suspension or other defects as arising from force majeure or such reasons out of SMA China's control, SMA China shall cover no liability, but shall make all efforts to reduce client's loss and effect as arising herefrom.

5.3 If necessary, SMA China may check relevant information of client's power station. With the client's consent, SMA China may modify and adjust relevant configuration of the power station.

5.4 SMA China shall cover and bear no liability in case of quality problem and any loss as arising from the following products or services that SMA China provides for a client:

5.5 If a client violates the use rules or relevant laws or regulations, SMA China shall have the right to stop and suspend the service, no matter it is notified or not. In such event, SMA China shall cover and bear no liability against the client or any third party.

5.6 With respect to such client who intentionally damages Zevercloud System and uses the System to cause loss of third party, SMA China shall reserve the right to prosecute. Such expenses as arising herefrom, including but not limited to lawsuit fee, lawyer's fee, investigation fee and business trip fee shall be fully covered by such client.